Scarf - 'Azul dragon'

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A fantastic combination of royal blue and bright orange, the color of creative energy. Adorn it against brown skin, olive skin, and dark brown skin tones especially.

100% silk satin. Silk satin has the classic sheen and a luscious feel. This heavy satin weave produces a thicker scarf - thick like a bandana. Two sizes available:

50x50cm - IN STOCK
70x70cm - made-to-order

In stock: shipped within two working days.
Made-to-order: expect to be shipped within 14 working days of ordering. The made-to-order policy insures 'nothing goes to waste': scarves are manufactured by demand, according to your preferences.

Digitally printed with eco-friendly inks on eco-friendly silk in London, England. The print is on one side and is dimly visible on the material's backside.

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"The character in my Dragonfruit series was born during a time when I felt extremely uncomfortable and boxed in within my supposed gender identity. My mind was too masculine for my soul, and my soul was too feminine for my body, and the hormonal imbalance wreaked havoc in my physiology.

Dragonfruit Lady embodies both dualistic genders: they are both feminine and masculine. They sit on a coiled Kundalini snake, and they express all gender expressions with pleasure. They are a hermaphrodite.

The hermaphrodite represents house music. House music does not discriminate, but wants us to enjoy every beat in the bar. We can and we must bloom individualistically - as long as the being is pure. If you find your authentic self in your root, the flower of you will be beautiful."