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Print - 'Paon Queen'

Print - 'Paon Queen'

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Pet peacocks & body positivity. Did you know that birds can see colors humans can't?

Fine art giclée print on matte paper. You're gonna love it.

Made-to-order: expect to be shipped within 7 working days of ordering.

These print sizes are Northern-European standard frame sizes. Please be in contact for international standards and custom sizes: or IG DM @saaravaniala.


"Eating disorders and body dysmorphia ate away around 25 years of my life. During my recovery years, I drew and painted a lot of voluptuous female figures. As I desired to live free from the restriction and repression of eating disorders, I found a pathway to my unexpressed depth through drawing, and so I birthed these women to speak on my behalf, wordlessly, emotionally, poetically, twistedly, of the beautiful fertility locked inside me."

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