"We must heal ourselves and inspire each other,
and we must live in a way that makes our world a better place."






MINK STYLE is the brainchild of Saara Vaniala - an independent, self-taught artist and designer, working from and residing in Helsinki, Finland. She sells her work as a legal person, and she pays income tax from her profits.

Ethical and ecological aspects of product manufacturing are of crucial importance for her, both in her personal life and in her work. All materials and subcontractors are chosen based on high quality as well as endorsed ethics and sustainability policies. Materials that are detrimental to the environment, such as fleece, are not used.

Behind pricing is, of course, the quality of materials and the value of the artist's work - but also the principle that one ought to buy only what you will love for a long time. When something is of monetary worth, we tend to choose our purchase more carefully. Also, we tend to take care of our items better when we nurture them as our adored investments. This is a valid way to decrease consumerism through respect, value, and enjoyment. In addition, the chosen price points keep the items on a balanced midpoint between accessible and exclusive.



Chokers - the raw material (PVC) is imported from Germany and printed with latex inks in Helsinki, Finland. Each choker is then made by hand by the artist in Helsinki, Finland. Do not machine wash.

Dresses - fabrics are manufactured in London, UK, with eco-friendly inks. Dresses are sewn by the artist in Helsinki, Finland. Machine wash not recommended. If need of washing, a gentle soak in cold to lukewarm water-detergent solution will suffice. Do not tumble dry.

Scarves - manufactured and sewn by hand in London, UK. Printed on eco-friendly silk with eco-friendly inks. Do not machine wash. Silk is a delicate yet strong and forgiving material; silk does not usually need washing. Instead, steam it: steaming eliminates wrinkles and brings freshness. But, if your item needs actual washing, a gentle soak in cold to lukewarm water will suffice; add marseille or gall soap if needed (if you have a stain). Do not tumble dry. Iron only when clean (again, steaming is preferred for wrinkles). Do not fold tightly to store: silk prefers loose folds, a soft crumbled mess, or a hanger when stored.

Shirts - sourced from Weekday. Weekday's organic line is used - the shirts are made in Bangladesh. They are then printed using vinyl in Helsinki, Finland. Machine wash inside-out at 30 celcius degrees. Iron, inside-out, after wash if needed. Do not tumble dry.

Prints - giclée fine art printed on white matter paper in Helsinki, Finland.




Shipping costs are based on the total weight of the order and calculated at checkout. Orders are currently shipped via national postal offices. If you want shipping with tracking or insurance, contact @theoriginal.mink or

Finland: 4-9€ | Europe 6-15€ | World 9-18€

Clothing is shipped in a sturdy plastic bag. Scarves and chokers are shipped in a cardboard box. Prints are shipped in a cardboard tube.

Local pickup from Punavuori (00150, Helsinki, Finland) is available for all orders.

Complimentary delivery is available in the South-Helsinki area (00100-00180) for orders of a minimum of 250 euros.


Your purchase is binding: each piece is made-to-order, carefully manufactured and thoroughly inspected for faults; no returns or refunds are, by default, applicable. But, if there is something you would like to be in contact about, Saara is reachable via e-mail ( or Instagram (@theoriginal.mink). She can also help you with your order: what to choose, in what size, and so on.